XIV. Biennal / Prize Muslim Mulliqi

Galeria Kombëtare (Nationalgalerie), Pristina, Kosovo

Gruppenausstellung | 1. – 26. 2. 2023

STRANGE FRUIT VI shows plants that are ghostly doubled, transparently shimmering and oddly shaded. These two rare plants come from orchid cultivation. One sheet, each was reproduced recto/verso from the black and white reference book from the 1930s. The result is a series of x-rayed large-format photographs.

The reference to a book can be deciphered exclusively by the mirror inverted page numbers at the edge of the picture. Originally shaped plaster objects mutate the two-dimensional photograph into a three-dimensional relief. Yvonne Roeb relates her work to simultaneity of being. As well as the connotation of the orchid as a feminine symbol is unmistakable.

Yvonne Roeb, STRANGE FRUIT VI, 2022


Christian Mosar und Raimund Stecker


Galeria Kombëtare e Kosovës
10000 Pristina


Montag bis Freitag, 10-18 h
Samstag bis Sonntag, 10-17 h

Literatur (2)

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